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SPRINKLES! now offers Fairy Hair!

***Clients have told us that a few fall out right away (in a day or 2) so we ALWAYS give a few extras for free because we know this can happen. The first few that fall out are on us!
We can help you figure out the perfect color for you at your appointment time.
We have all the colors of the rainbow (AND Rainbow) including natural tones that look like your own sparkly highlights.
Young children (<6yo) do not typically retain our fairy hair for as long as adults do. Please know this before making your purchase/decision. 

It takes about 20-25 minutes to place the strands.
It lasts until that strand falls out.
It can last months or a day…when you lose that hair, who can say?
(most of our clients enjoy the fairy hair for weeks to months, and you may meet people who say they hold it longer than that)!


Fairy Hair can be treated like natural hair:

You can wash it,
brush it,
comb it,
curl it,
flat iron, (up to 450°!)
color it,
straighten it,
perm it,
blow it dry,

get your haircut, etc.
Do whatever you normally do to your hair -but most of all-, enjoy it!


If you need to remove it before the hair it’s tied to falls out, just give the sparkle a little tug. The sparkle and its hair will come out.

What about guys/boys?

All we have to say is sparkle 'stache or beards are on trend! We just need a few inches.


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