Lip Gloss Station $6 per child

Pucker up girlfriend! Our clear high gloss is guaranteed to give super shine. Infused with Vitamin E and Sunflower oil to smooth and soften. Create your own lip-tastic creation.


Clear lip pot flavors:
Bubble Gum
Cotton Candy


Pigment Colors:
Blue Lip Gloss Color
Pink Lip Gloss Color
Red Lip Gloss Color
Light Pink Gloss Color

Step 1: Pick a flavored Lip Gloss pot
Step 2: Add desired drops of color
Step 3: Stir, Cap and Go!

Sugar Scrub Station $6.00 per child

Treat Yo self! This sugary scrub is sure to delight. Fine sugar gives a gentle exfoliation. Leaves skin soft, smooth and smelling sweet. Pick and scoop your special treat!


Cotton Candy



Rainbow Sprinkles

Cotton Candy Sprinkles

Chocolate Sprinkles

Shimmery Stars

Fairy Dust

Step 1: Grab a container & add scoops
Step 2: Sprinkle on toppings & shimmer
Step 3: Cap, Name it and Go!

Make Your Own Goody Bag Station $6.00 per child

Ever wanted to find an easier way to make party bags? Hate running all around searching for the perfect favors? Save your time, this is super easy and F-U-N!


Let the kids enjoy making their own party bags?  This Station lets kids easily make their own party bags right on the spot! It’s quick, easy and oh so cute!

Step 1: Grab a bag and fill it with stuffing
Step 2: Fill your bag with your fun spa type goodies
Step 3: Seal the bag and Enjoy!


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