Mobile Celebrations=A Place Where Wishes are Granted...
Experience all-inclusive parties, make magical memories, and attend incredible events with your, favorite characters!


As of now, we are offering mobile parties, where we bring the F-U-N to you and will continue to offer our
Princess & Mascot Characters for appearances.


Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic,
it has hit us hard and unfortunately, our storefront can no longer remain open as a result.

Deposits already paid will be gladly transferred to a mobile party, however, no refunds at this time.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity and
support we have received since opening in 2017.

We deeply appreciate our clients that have celebrated with us at Sprinkles. We will continue to
hope for "normalcy" so we can get back to doing
what we love.

We will continue to wait this out, and look forward to opening a storefront in the near future!



We bring the F-U-N to you!

Call or Text: 518-805-9800 


Sprinkles Kids Spa